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Friday, March 21, 2008

Reflecting Christ


Lord, I'm a writer. I love to string words together to communicate a particular thing a particular way. I'm a writer because I write. But I'm not yet the writer I want to be. I keep learning and practicing and subjecting my manuscripts to critique. I read about writing over and over so the skills I need to write well become ingrained in my brain. But, I keep sliding back into the same errors. I think I have a handle on some skill, then I get excited about a subject and start typing only to see on my next read-through that I've committed the same mistakes again.

I'm becoming a professional (mature) writer. I'm closer today than I was five years ago. But I'm still learning, still struggling to be the best professional writer I can be. I know I will always have room for growth as a professional writer.

All this reminds me of my journey toward becoming a mature Christian. I am a Christian because positionally I am in Christ Jesus. I repented of my sins and asked Jesus into my heart and life to forgive my sins. He did. Therefore I am a Christian.

I keep learning, practicing, and subjecting my life to your critique so that I might become the best (most mature) Christian I possibly can. I keep reading the Bible and praying over and over again so the behaviors (both internal and external) I need to live well for Christ will be ingrained in my heart and mind. But I keep sliding back into some of the same errors. I think you've finally conquered a particular sin in my life only to see it raise its ugly head again. Or, to realize I've adopted another sin to take its place.

I'm becoming a "little-Christ", a replica of your Son, Jesus. I'm closer today than I was five years ago. But I'm still learning, still struggling to be the person you want me to become and I'm 100% sure I will continue to struggle to be just like Jesus until you redeem this body of mine and trade it in for a perfect, spiritual, eternal body in heaven. That's what your Word tells me.

Lord, I pray my life as a writer will reflect you. Just as I pray that my life here on earth will reflect Christ Jesus.


A mirror doesn't try to reflect the light, does it? A mirror automatically reflects light because that is the nature of the stuff the mirror is made of. A mirror reflects light because it is a mirror.

You don't have to try to reflect Christ. Just be a mirror. Let the Light of Christ shine into and onto your life and the stuff the new you is made of will reflect Him. Yes, His light will reveal smudges and streaks in your life. We need to polish those away together. A clean mirror reflects better than a dirty one. Jesus will do His part to shine. You do your part to polish. The new you will automatically reflect.