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Tuesday, March 25, 2008



It's cold outside this morning, Lord. And I thought spring was here. So did my garden. Little green shoots are popping up all over my flower beds. The Carolina jasmine is dotted with tiny yellow gems. And my peach tree is dripping with pink blossoms.

This "freeze" we had last night (right now it's 31 outside) is probably enough to, once again, destroy all those blooms. This will be the third year I've lost all my peaches to a snap freeze at exactly the wrong time. Shucks!

We bought the dwarf peach tree in hopes of eating its tasty fruit after 3 years. That was 6 years ago and we haven't tasted one peach yet. It's disappointing, Lord, to put time and work and money into that tree to lose the fruit because of something I can't control. I try to cover the tree to protect it, but the low temperatures do their damage anyway.

Life is like that, too. We make our brilliant plans and work hard to succeed. Then something unexpected, something beyond our control, swoops down and devastates us. Lord, help us to trust you through those times. Help us to put our hope in you, not our hard work.

Illness, bankruptcy, divorce, death of ones we love, betrayals - they devastate us. Help us to see your hand behind those catastrophic events - to lean back and trust you through those events. Help us to trust you to work your purpose in our lives through, or around, or in spite of, those events.

Lord, I don't want to put so much stock in my own plans and efforts that I'm devastated when things don't work out the way I planned. I want to hear your voice and see your hand working in my life. I want to seek your plans before I make mine. I want to place my confidence in YOU, not in my plans and efforts. Then, when the blooms drop and my life doesn't turn out the way I planned I won't be devastated. Enable me to find hope in the promise of next year's crop.


Like the song says, "When you can't see my hand, when you can't understand, trust my heart," Little One. My plans are to make your life a flourishing tree. I want your life to be lush and beautiful. To provide shade to refresh the weary. To provide fruit to satisfy the hungry. To provide a hiding place for those who need to stop and rest.

Your tree will bloom again. Your peaches will come. In My time. In My way.