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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Way To Worship


Lord, this morning I'm praying especially for the church body that I belong to. So much growth is taking place here. New programs and revamped programs are started every month it seems. New staff members join the leadership team regularly. On Easter Sunday we're beginning another morning worship service. This one is going to be outside our usual traditional format. There will be lots of loud, upbeat music and dramatic presentations and a much more contemporary style of doing things. It's our effort to reach out to an even wider base of people with your message of hope and salvation. Lord, I pray you'll bless it and use it so that many young adults will get saved.

In the past I would have been indignant about that format. I would have even offered a very righteous sounding explanation for my reaction. But, you've been teaching me that people across the globe and down through the generations have been worshipping you in different ways with different music. I simply ask you to keep this new venture focused on you, Jesus. That you don't permit it to veer away from our purposes: worshipping the Father, witnessing for the Son, walking in the Spirit.

I pray that you will continue to open up my heart to new or different ways I can worship and serve you. Yes, I'm most comfortable in a very traditional worship service with traditional music and lots of quiet time to meditate on you and your wonderful nature.

But not everyone is like me. I want to be able to worship you under a wide range of conditions, Lord. Worship you for who you are. Worship you because I'm in your presence regardless of the trappings or music around me. Worship you in my spirit like Jesus told the woman at Jacob's Well in the Bible.

I worship you for who you are: wonderful, mighty, pure, righteous, holy, perfect, loving, just, all-knowing, all-seeing, eternal God.


Come into My presence, child. Regardless of what is happening around you I will meet you when you come into My presence with your heart on its knees.