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Thursday, March 6, 2008

A New Experience


Good morning, Lord. I'm praying today especially for my husband, J. He's going on a trip without me. He's going for a refresher course at a Blind Rehabilitation facility. Thank you for this opportunity for him. But Lord, he's a little anxious. He functions so well, so independently in his familiar environment at home. But, he's off to a new place with new people and that's a little daunting to him. I pray you'll go before him and make a safe, wide path as he travels.

To be totally honest new places, people, and experiences are frightening to most of us, God. Many of us (me included) get comfortable in our environments and don't like stepping into something new. A new job, a new neighborhood, a new relationship, a new church all hold the unexpected. Like a puppy settling in for the night goes round and round and smooths out the wrinkles in his blanket until he finds just the right position, we have to find our niche in a new place.

Help J. to find his comfortable spot in a group of strangers. Help him to learn valuable new ways of coping as a sightless person in a seeing world. Keep him safe and well until we're reunited.

And, Lord, help other folks who are making big changes in their lives right now. Help them to carve out a comfortable niche for themselves. Help them to learn valuable new ways of being a Christian in an ungodly world. Keep them safe and well until they are finally reunited with You in heaven.


J. 's going to be fine. I've already put the right people into place to help him. He has his cane to guide him in strange places. And he has Me to clear the paths ahead of him.

So do the others. The right people in place. Their Bibles to guide them. Me to clear the paths.