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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Little Prayers


Thank you, Lord, for answering a "little prayer" last night. My computer wouldn't recognize our network printer. I had already spent more than two hours Monday night fighting with these machines and praying for you to show me how to remedy the problem. Then, last night I went through the same steps I did the night before and - wha-la! it worked. The only difference was I had a couple of people praying with me about the problem.

I know some people think it is silly to bother you about mechanical things. Some people have told me I'm wasting God's time when He has so many life-threatening and catastrophic things to take care of. I don't believe either of those things, Lord.

I believe that anything that concerns me concerns you. And I believe you are eternal and unlimited by time. You are NOT too busy or occupied with more important matters. You never tell us to take a number and get into line.

Thank you, Lord, that you have provided me and my family with parking places thousands of times. You've helped us find lost jewelry, money, and documents innumerable times. You are the Master auto mechanic and techie in our lives. If you hold the universe in your hands you can repair a washing machine or a garbage disposal.

Sometimes you work by sending me to a person who repairs or locates for me. But more times than I can count you simply reach down and take care of the small things that are frustrating me in life. You are such a loving, caring Father. Thank you.


I am never too busy for you, Little One. Whatever I can do to increase your faith and to demonstrate My power in your life I will do - small or large. Your gratitude is sweet to Me.