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Friday, March 28, 2008

Irritating Drivers


The last few days, while running my errands, I've realized something about myself. Something ugly: I'm not very godly when I'm behind the wheel. It's not my actions that are ungodly - it's my attitude. You know what I mean, Lord. For instance, when I'm doing 55 (the speed limit) on Hwy. 74 and someone turns from a side street and putters along at 35 or 40 I get really irritated and whisper something like, "Come on, slow poke. Move it!"

Or, like yesterday, when a vehicle barreled up behind me. I'm was doing the speed limit (45) just like the line of cars in front of me. But this vehicle coming up on my rear was doing 60 or 65. So, he totally ignored the double solid yellow lines (and the safety of other people) and zipped around me, then he had to hit his brakes because the cars in front of me were doing 45. He recklessly zipped around the next car barely missing the oncoming traffic. Scary.

But what I realized, after several of these little incidents, is that my attitude toward those drivers stinks. I mumbled words like "dummy" and "idiot". Which is something I would never do under other circumstances.

Then it hit me: my response to their driving is wrong, too. My lousy attitude is conduct unbecoming to a saint of God. To put it bluntly, my attitude is sinful. Though no one else was in my car to witness my sin you saw it, Lord, and I saw it.

Lord, forgive me, please, for having an attitude that is unkind and self-centered. Help me to see those people as you do - with compassion instead of my own special brand of impatience. Remind me - stop me - before my response is as sinful as their actions. Remind me to pray for their safety on the road and for their soul's safety for eternity.


No one can make you sin, remember? It isn't anyone else's fault if your attitude is hurtful or unkind. No one else can irritate you unless you allow their actions to become an irritation. I'm glad you finally realized that, Little One. Everyone (you included) must answer for his or her own sin. Now we can deal with yours. Now I can forgive you and wash this sin away with the blood of Jesus.

p.s. I promise I will remind you. The question is, will you listen?