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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Intimately Near


Lord, thank you for this wonderful privilege of prayer. You're actively listening to me and anticipating my requests every moment. Though there are times I can't see you working in my life, can't hear your voice, or sense your presence, you are still intimately near me. The problem lies in my senses - not in your presence. The slightest thought that I direct toward you is a prayer. And you hear it, understand it, and respond to it 24/7. And you multiply this by billions of people simultaneously.

Forgive me for lacking consistency, persistence, and expectancy in my conversations with you.

I have this long "prayer list" that includes the names of @200 people. The list includes various ministries and organizations, too. It includes needs that people have shared with me and my own needs. Projects, classes, and ideas for which I'm seeking your direction are on that list. Lord, I haven't been as diligent about "the list" as I should. I don't want anything else in my life to eat up the time I've delegated to pray over that list.

The list represents people - people with needs - and I've promised them that I would come to you about those needs. Dear God, answer those prayers, help those people in spite of my inconsistency.

You are intricately involved in those people's lives just as you are in mine. Dear God, show up in their lives and show yourself to be strong and powerful. Draw those people on my list closer and closer to yourself. Help them to place their confidence in you - not in my prayers.

But, God, help me to pray consistently and persistently for those people and their needs. And Lord, help me to pray with expectancy - with confidence that you ARE answering those prayers. Help me to stand on my tiptoes when I pray, to stand on my tiptoes and strain to catch the first glimpse of your answer that I know without a doubt is coming around the bend.


One day - in heaven - you'll understand how prayer really "works", Little One. Prayer works because I work. I work on your behalf with every breath you take. But I want you to share in the joy of My work in your life. I want you to have a vested interest in everything working out to My glory and your good. I want you to invest your desires, your hopes, your successes, your very existence in prayer - in your daily conversations with Me. I want you to fully realize that without Me - without prayer that elicits My involvement in your life - you can do nothing.