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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Forget


Today is day 106, Lord. I was going to have a celebration - a cupcake with a candle in it, confetti, or something to celebrate my 100th post on this blog. But I forgot. It seems I forget a lot of things as I grow older. I forget where I put my glasses, my cell phone, or my car keys half the time. I guess I'm using up my brain cells faster than they can reproduce!

I want to thank you that you never forget anything but my sins. You remember me, my needs, and my desires as you weave this amazing tapestry of time and space. Each individual thread is vital to the picture you are weaving and you know exactly where each one is at every moment. You never drop a stitch or get a knot in your threads.

There are so many things I try to remember, God, but they slip away from me. Like people's names. I've tried different "tricks" for remembering names but they continue to escape me. And details of my childhood - I want to remember them accurately, but they somehow get all muddled together.

Then, Lord, there are things I try hard to forget, but they are indelibly etched on my brain. Can you help me to forget them with my heart? Will you help me to forget the wrongs people have done to me so I don't hold them against anyone? Will you help me to forget those sins I've confessed and you've forgiven? Will you help me to forget myself when I see someone else who has a need? Will you help me to forget my "rights" when they conflict with another person's welfare? Will you help me to forget my "achievements" and remember all that YOU have done?


How could I ever forget you, Little One? Your name is carved in the palm of my hand. And how could I remember your sins? Because you have accepted Jesus as your Savior I have put them behind me. I have thrown them away from Me as far as the east is from the west. I have buried them in the deepest sea. Those sins are gone for good.

I know you forget a lot of things, Little One. But, remember this one thing: the blood of Jesus Christ, My Son, cleanses you from all your sins.