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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gray and Gloomy Morning


The sky is gray and gloomy this morning, Lord. The blue is hidden by a thick blanket of clouds. They hold a promise of more rain. I thank you for the rain you've been sending us to quench the thirst of our drought-stricken area. The rain is wonderful!

But the gray and gloomy clouds. They look foreboding. They weigh the air down and dampen our spirits. Though we need the rain, the clouds make us long for the sun.

I'm thinking of some friends and family who are living under heavy, dark clouds right now, Lord. Help them to remember that, though they hide the sun, the clouds bear the promise of rain in their lives. Rain to refresh them. Rain to cleanse them. Rain to quench their thirst for you.

Help them to remember that the sun isn't gone. It's just temporarily hidden. It's still there, behind those clouds. After the rain the sun will break out in their lives again.


You're forgetting something, Little One. Sometimes the sun breaks out during the showers. That's when you can see the promise of My presence and My promise that it won't rain forever. My colorful promise painted on the face of those gloomy clouds.