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Friday, March 14, 2008

For the Next Generation


A big yellow school bus jut stopped in front of my house as it does every M-F morning and afternoon. A dozen or so students climbed aboard. I hear the swoosh of the door closing and the bus continues to three more stops in my little neighborhood to pick up another dozen students. Lord, take that bus - a hundreds more like it - safely to school this morning. I pray you'll protect them while they are there. Protect their bodies, and their minds, and their eternal souls, too. Forgive me for not seeing this opportunity to pray for them before. I should have been doing this since last August.

I pray for the students on that bus, God. I pray you will invade their lives with the message of Jesus. I pray you'll rescue this generation from the materialistic and hedonistic world view they are being fed. I pray that you'll make their hearts fertile to hear and understand and accept the Gospel message that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and to a rich, fulfilling life on earth.

I pray you will literally turn their world views upside down. Their school staff is trying to teach them how to be thinking people. Well, Lord, I pray they'll apply those same principles to what they hear and see about the Bible and Christ and their souls. I pray they'll think it all through and choose Christ.

I ask you to forgive us, my generation, for letting this happen. Wake us up! Help us to be thinking people, too. Help us to articulate well our Christ-centered world view to this generation of students. Help us to live with integrity in front of them so they'll want to choose Jesus.


The way this generation of students sees the world and life and Me IS different from your view of life when you were a high school student. But that doesn't mean they are happy with the way they see life or eternal things. Many of these students are seeking - they are looking for meaning and purpose in their own existences. Many are looking for a better way. Speak up, Little Girl. Use whatever platform I have given you to show and tell the difference Christ has made in your life. If you can deliver speeches - do it for Christ. If you can teach - do it for Christ. If you can write, or paint or sculpt or sing - do it to convince this generation to turn their lives over to Christ. If you can bake or sew or repair an engine or be a friend or listen with your heart - do it for Christ's sake and for theirs.