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Monday, March 3, 2008

Defend the Defenseless


Lord, this morning I was reading Psalm 10. It is a cry for your help for those who are helpless. This morning I, too, ask you to defend those who cannot defend themselves. This isn't a very cheery prayer today, Lord. I'm grateful beyond words for the blessings I have in my life. But so many people live lives that are vastly different from mine. I ask you to step into their lives.

I'm thinking of children who are not yet born. I ask you to bring an end to the useless killing of preborn babies in our country. What a shame it is to us that we daily kill our own children before they take their first breath. Forgive us and bring an end to it, please.

I'm thinking of the babies and toddlers and young children who are victims of their own parents and grandparents and their cruelty. God, rescue those children, please.

I'm also thinking of the children in our country who whose parents are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I'm thinking of the children who are living in cars and alleys because their parents are homeless. I ask you to defend them, protect them, and rescue them from repeating that same kind of life.

I think about the elderly in our country who fall victim to uncaring people. Sometimes their own children treat them like garbage. Lord, protect them.

In other countries thousands of children live on the streets and fend for themselves. And the aged and sick are dumped on the streets to die. God, send angels to protect them and kind people to take care of them. Be the helper of the fatherless today, God.

I'm thinking of the persecuted masses also, Lord. Around the world every day as I go about my day-to-day business people are being imprisoned, left destitute, tortured, starved, and killed because they are despised by some other group of people. Perhaps because of their race or ethnicity. Perhaps because of their religion. Perhaps because of their gender. Perhaps because they are sick or disabled or less than perfect. God, I ask you to step in between these defenseless people and their attackers. Remember the helpless today, Lord.

I know this world is full of trouble and sorrow. If I dwell on it I can fall into despair myself. Instead, I ask You to intervene for the helpless victims across the globe. And show me what I can do in my small corner of the world. How can I help the helpless people around me?


As long as this world exists people will be poor and needy and victimized. But part of the Church being the Church is for you to search out the victims and reach out to help them. Your hands are the hands I use to give relief, comfort, and protection. Don't run and hide from the sorrow around you. Open your eyes. There's an organization or a ministry near you that needs another set of hands - yours.