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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazing Encouragement


I don't usually check my email before chatting with you here, Lord. But this morning I did. I'm excited about a message from someone on the other side of the world! We're friends, but we haven't seen each other in several years. She wrote to tell me she "eavesdrops" on our conversations here and they encourage her. That is such wonderful news to me. Thank you, God, for that email. Thank you for my friend. She's doing some very important work for you in a place far removed from North Caroline. Please keep her safe and well. Please help her to impact the people she works with for Christ.

Another woman who lives in China sent me a message that she reads here, too. Just when I thought this blog might be growing stale. And some new "eavesdroppers" from my very own local church emailed me, too. Thank you, God, for those tiny droplets of encouragement.

Some of the most faithful readers here leave comments that let me know you are using these few words to impact their lives, too. You send the right words of encouragement exactly when I need them. Thanks.

I get overwhelmed with amazement - flabbergasted - when I see the complex web you spin around my life. You are able to interweave our lives so that we need each other to point each other to you. And you have such a complex web of communication that we are able to encourage each other simultaneously 1000 times over. What I do can encourage other Christians so that what they do in response can encourage me and others who can encourage me and others... It goes on and on. You can answer my prayers and S.'s prayers and a million other Christian's prayers in a single moment of time with one sweep of your hand.

What a amazing and complex God you are!


It's nothing -- I do it all the time. After all, I am eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. And each one of you is my special project.