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Friday, February 1, 2008

Unfailing Love


I was reading Psalm 32 this morning, Lord. Verse 10 says that your unfailing love surrounds those who trust in you. Trust is a hard thing for some of us, God. For various reasons we learned early on NOT to trust others. Or, maybe we were just born with an itty bit of a suspicious nature. But we can't go through life like that or we make ourselves sick. We alienate other people. And we miss so many wonderful opportunities for relationships. Especially a relationship with you that is built on trust.

Your love is unfailing. Not like mine. I fail sometimes. I get irritated. I get aggrivated. My well runs dry with some people. I have to remind myself sometimes to love certain people.

Your love is unfailing. Even when I mess up you still scoop me up into your arms and hold me even tighter. Help me to let go of my suspicions. Help me to spread my arms open wide and just fall back into your love. You'll catch me. I can trust that.


My everlasting love is unfailing. It is eternal and it is unconditional. You cannot do or be anything that will make Me stop loving you. You can trust that.