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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poke Me


Good morning, Lord. Jesus. My Savior. You are matchless in so many ways. No one else can compare to you. You alone are perfect in beauty and power and love. When I'm lonely you step in to be my companion. When I'm afraid you whisper peace into my soul. When I'm rebellious and disobedient you remind me that I have so far to go in my spiritual journey. And you convict me of my sins. Then, when I repent - when I realize how wrong I've been and I turn my heart from those sins - you forgive me, you love me, and you reconcile me. You pull me close to you again.

Lord, today don't let me tolerate any sin in my own life. Please show me every word, every deed, every reaction, every attitude that is sin in my life. Don't let me continue in any conduct or attitude that is unbecoming to one of your children. Make me painfully aware of my imperfections so I can surrender them to you.

Help me to deal with my own sins and let you deal with the sins of other people.


Okay, Little One. If you really mean it I will do that. I will poke you in the heart each time you step outside the bounds of holiness. That is what I want for you, you know. That you will live holy like Me. I want you to live holy like Me and wholly for Me.

Are you truly ready to be reminded each time your actions or attitudes are wrong? You're probably going to wind up with a bruised heart by the end of the day.