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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slow, Steady Rain


Thank you, God. It rained most of the night. Refreshing, cleansing, revitalizing rain. Little puddles dot the roads and sidewalks this morning. It was a slow, steady rain - not a huge gulley-washer. That's the kind of rain that the thirsty ground can absorb. It can soak the water up and do us a lot of good. Thank you for replenishing our water supply.

Your Word is the same for me, Lord. If I'll be still long enough to read it and absorb it, if I'll soak it in at a slow and steady pace, day after day - it will refresh my spirit. It will cleanse my soul. It will revitalize my walk with you and my relationships with other people. My life will be green and lush like a well-watered lawn.


Come, Little One. Come to My waters; I will satisfy your thirsty soul.