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Friday, February 22, 2008

That Amazes Me


I am amazed, Lord, at how intimate your relationship to me can be. And not just to me alone, but how you long to have intmacy with each of us. You listen intently when my heart speaks to you whether I'm kneeling in my quiet place or driving 70 m.p.h. down I-85. You speak to me not just in words but in images and memories from my past. You give me tailor-made dreams for the future. Dreams that only you and I can fulfil together. And you do this for every Christian who will ask.

"You have not because you ask not" the Scripture says. You're talking about more than just "stuff" there, aren't you? You're talking about my hopes, dreams, and plans for my future here on earth. Ways I can bless you by cultivating my intimacy with you. Ways I can bless you by using the gifts, the skills, the personality, the life you've given me to minister to other people.

It amazes me that you speak to me in my own language. You talk to me through my own individual and private set of experiences. You have revealed yourself to all of us through the Bible, true. But you also speak to us, and reveal yourself to us in intimate ways that are specific to our indiviualized personalities and lives.

I'm not making good sense here, am I? I'm struggling to find the right way to express this, Lord. I guess I mean that you know the language of my heart and you communicate with me through experiences, memories, incidents that are specifically mine. And you do this for every person who is listening and watching to hear from you.

That amazes me.


I am yours and you are Mine. I know the ins and outs, the fronts the backs, the ups the downs, of each of you. I know your inside and your outside. I know your highs and your lows. I know your beginning and your ending. I know every crack and crevice of your life. I know you as intimately as a sculptor knows his greatest work of art.

But, a sculpture cannot know the artist. A sculpture cannot respond to its creator. You can. That is My deepest longing - that you will know Me intimately and respond to Me with everything you are.