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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love You Because


Fairest Jesus, this morning can we just sit and enjoy each other's presence? I see you all around me. Last night your brilliance was reflected in a million stars that twinkled above me. Your face shined down on me from a silver-white moon. It was huge and perfectly round. Our two year old, M., thought it was the sun. Such a breath-taking sky last night. I love you because your beauty far exceeds even that master piece sky last night.

Yesterday I noticed that our grass is growing thick and lush and green again. Your blessings far out number those blades of grass. I love you because you bless us day after day with gifts large and small. You make me to lie down in lush green pastures.

The trees on our street are dotted with tiny leaves eager to burst out. I love you because you, too, are eager to burst out in my life. You are eager and willing to cover my spiritual nakedness and shame with yourself. With your forgiveness. With your protection and your provision. With your love.

Last night we sat down to a satisfying, delicious meal. It reminds me that I love you because you satisfy the hunger of my soul. I can feast on your presence and on your Word and my soul is satisfied.

I'm surrounded by friends and family who love me. But they are only a small part of the family I have in you. You love me through those people and millions of others I have never even met. Your family. Your people spread around this earth who pray for their brothers and sisters in other lands.

I love you because you are always, every moment, preoccupied with with each one of us simultaneously. You are focused on me and my needs and desires. But, at the same time, you are totally enthralled with every other believers. I love you because you are always focused on me. You cherish me.

I love you because you generously pour this same love on those who don't know you. On those who know of you and those who do not. You love those who hate you and reject you. Your love is self-sustaining. You don't NEED their love in return. But, oh how much you want it. Oh, how much joy it brings you to be loved in return.

I love you because you loved me first. You reached out to me and initiated a loving relationship with me. I respond to that alluring love by loving you, also. You can't help yourself. You can't NOT love me. Because you ARE love. your essence is love.

I am made of blood and bone and flesh that is filled with a spirit and a soul. They will be separated at my death. You are made of love. You are whole. You don't have parts to be separated at some point in time. You are not affected by time. You are ageless. You are integrous - unified - whole - all one unadulterated thing. You are pure love.

And so, I love you because you love me.


Yes, precious Little One. I love you. I sprinkled those stars across the velvet sky so that you can enjoy their beauty and see Me reflected in them.

I laid that carpet of green so that you will find Me in it's refreshing delicacy and coolness.

I gave you an appetite and taste and smell so that you will not just eat to sustain your body, but so that you might think about Me, your Provider, each time you enjoy your food .

I made this entire Universe so that its beauty and flawless design might draw your attention and your heart to Me.

Yes, I love you. I have demonstrated it in this world I made. I have spoken it and recorded it in a book for you to read and re-read. I have expressed it most eloquently in Jesus. I cannot say it enough, precious child. I love each and every one of you with perfect love.