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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Healer and Hope Giver


Good morning, Father. I'm late this morning. It was difficult to roll this body out of bed today. Aches and pains remind me that it is getting older and showing the wear and tear of life. But what's inside this body - the real me - I believe is getting better with age and experience. I think that is your way of gradually getting us ready to shed this house of clay someday and to put on our new spiritual house in heaven with you.

I pray today for my friends and family who are ill, suffering, and disabled, in their bodies. Some are older than I, and their bodies are wearing out. Getting ready to be traded in. I pray you will comfort them and give them joy in a quiet and still relationship with you. Some are young adults. M.B. had surgery last night. I pray you'll bring healing in her body and that she'll use her health to please you and serve you.

Two toddlers I know are fighting cancer. A four year old is facing her fourth surgery. I ask you to heal them and give them a long life on this earth to be your servants here a long time.

A friend my age is bed ridden. A woman a little younger than I is bound to a wheel chair. Lord where her muscles fail, make her heart strong. J.C., B.S. and R.S. are recovering from sickness. Lord, give them renewed strength. My own husband, J., fights diabetes and many of its side effects day after day. Lord, give him wisdom, resolve, and victory in those battles.

A teen with a brain tumor, a premature new born, a friend who's going blind, his wife recovering from a heart attack. A young man with cancer. The lists of physical ailments goes on and on. The emotional pain that goes with extended illness takes its toll.

Lord - great Healer and Hope Giver - through their suffering draw them into your arms and hold them and become the strength and health that they need.


Temporary. These houses of clay are so temporary and broken and fragile. I'm in the business of healing and restoring souls, but I also heal bodies. When I walked the earth I healed the sick and disabled to demonstrate My power to save bodies and souls. I hear your cries for your family and friends. I want to demonstrate my power in their lives. In some, by restoring their bodies to health. In some, by restoring their souls to an intimate relationship with me.