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Monday, February 18, 2008

God's Reach


Thank you, God, for showering us with blessings this past weekend. First, our grand daughter, O. is doing well. She went through surgery to repair a clot in her head. The surgery was much shorter than normal because You were there with that surgical team. The surgeon said the clot was right in front of him. He said it was as if a hand was in O's. head pushing the clot right in front of his face. That was Your hand, wasn't it, God? Thank You for helping those who heal.

Thank you for all the wonderful people who are helping O.'s family now. Gracious friends and co-workers ministering to their needs. O's daddy says that his faith in humanity has been restored through this outpouring of love and compassion. Thank you, again.

Thank you for a safe journey home for us. The weather was miserable and the roads treacherous. But you once again brought us home without incident. Thank you.

Our daughter, T., and her boys went with us. She did most of the driving last night. Thank you that she is so loving and compassionate to us and to others.

Thank you that hundreds of people joined us in praying to You for O. Thank you for the larger family we have around the world - the family of God.

Thank You, our Wonderful Healer God.


You're welcomed. I've told you many times that I am taking care of them for you. They are far away from your arms, but still wrapped up in Mine. They will never be out of My reach, Little One.