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Tuesday, February 5, 2008



I'm late. I couldn't get an internet connection this morning to make this post. Who knows why? I push a button and expect to be instantly connected with the entire world. Most of the time I am, but not this morning.

Thank you, Lord, that my connection to you is never down. You are always online waiting for my prayers. Always listening. You know my thoughts, my needs, my gratitude before I utter a word or even think a thought. Because of Jesus I have instant and perpetual connection to Heaven and to You, God. Thank you.

Like yesterday. A bunch of us were praying for a friend who is critically ill. You answered a series of prayers in such a way as to show us, remind us, that You are indeed listening. Thank you.


Be sure that the connection goes both ways. Make sure you're always ready to receive, not just send, messages. I am always speaking; are you always listening?