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Friday, February 8, 2008



Lord, you know I'm reading a fascinating book called Boundaries. I'm seeing myself in several places throughout this book. Yesterday I read about YOUR boundaries. In Your relationship with me there are certain things that only You can do, and certain things that you have decided only I can do, and some things that You and I must cooperate on and do together. The authors say that You don't infringe on my boundaries. You don't force, coerce, or manipulate me into doing Your will. You offer it to me. You show me Your plans and ask me to join You. But You give me the freedom - and the responsibility - to make my own choices.

That's one of the biggest ways You express Your love for me. You show me in Your Word what is in Your heart, what is good and good for me, then You let me make the choices in my life. That's exhilarating and scary, too. Because, when You give me the freedom to choose You also give me the burden of responsibility. You let me enjoy, or suffer, the consequences of my choices.

Lord, help me to set my own boundaries with the people in my life. I want to love them and help them, but not enable them, not interfere in their lives. I want to encourage and nourish them, not suffocate them. You and I know that I have a problem with that concerning the children You gave us. They are both adults now. Help me to relate to them as adults, not as my babies. I still want to "fix" things for them. But I can't. They are free and responsible to take care of their own adult lives. Help me to draw healthy boundaries around my "self". Help me to honor the boundaries they set around their lives, too.


I hear you, Little One. I desperately want you to choose well. I want every person to whom I've given life to choose well. To choose Christ as their Savior. To choose health and wholeness instead of self-degradation and torment. To choose freedom instead of slavery to their own lusts. To choose love instead of hate. To choose generosity instead of greed. To choose life instead of death. To choose connectedness and transparancy instead of loneliness and isolation.

But, I leave it up to each one of you.