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Monday, February 4, 2008

Being Salty


Lord, I read this morning that I need to make a conscious effort to be salt rubbed into other peoples lives. If I want my life to influence them to accept Christ I have to do more than just stand in the same room with them. I have to build relationships and seize opportunities to show AND tell them about you.

I fall short there, don't I? Even in my own extended family. It seems that every time we get together there's an agenda - a holiday, a funeral, a wedding, a reunion. J. and I seem to buzz in and say hello and then buzz right out again to our "busy" life back home. I don't make the effort to build meaningful relationships with all those cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles.

Forgive me. And show me what to do about it. Help me to consciously make my life spiral outward instead of inward. Show me, remind me, help me, to stop my busyness and build relationships.


Are you serious? I mean, are you really serious about building relationships? What about your busy schedule? What about the people you don't even like? If you're serious and you want to show the people in your life Christ, I'll help you. But that means I'm going to bring them INTO your life, you know. No more long-distance relationships. No more living at arms length from hurting people.

If you really want your life to rub "salt" into other people's lives, to make them thirsty for Me, they are going to have to get close to you. Really close. You might get a little messy, you know. Are you ready for that?