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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Be Still


Lately, God, I've been thinking about what might lie ahead in America. Thinking about the changes that may be on our horizon. Thinking about changes that might come to Your Church in these United States. Thinking about changes that might erupt in my own life as a Chrisitian. And, of course, those changes make me nervous, anxious, worried. I am that kind of worrier, aren't I? I try to anticipate what might happen and be prepared for it. That's good sometimes, but I tend to take it to extremes. "Be prepared" has been my motto for a long time. I guess it goes along with that tendency I have to be in control. If I can't control my environment I figure I can, at least, control my reactions to it.

So, I've been imagining all sorts of things that could change in the next few years.

I was reading Psalm 46 this morning. They are your words written for those of us who get anxious about what's happening around us, I think. "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear." We will not fear.

The Psalm goes on to talk about cataclysmic changes in the earth - mountains falling into the sea and earthquakes. But, we will not fear.

Nations being in an uproar, kingdoms falling. But, we will not fear. Why? Because "the LORD Almighty is with us."

Then, the Psalm tells me to be still. Be quiet. Be an unrippled sea inside myself. Be still and know - be intimately acquainted with - God, the Great I AM.

I want to remember this Psalm, God. Whether my personal life is in upheaval or whether the United States or the entire world is in upheaval, I want to remember your words in Psalm 46.


Shhhh! Don't talk. Listen. Listen to what's happening around you. And listen to My Word. Listen to My voice in your heart. Listen to My quiet. And be still. You don't have to be "prepared" for the future. I am.