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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Worn Out From Wandering

I was reading in Matthew 9 this morning, Lord, and my eyes stopped for a while on verse 36. It says that Jesus had compassion on the crowds that followed Him because they fainted. They were weary, exhausted, worn out. Why? The next line says that they were scattered, wandering around, like sheep without a shepherd.

Wandering is exhausting. At least, it always is for me. Not knowing which way to go is exhausting. Not knowing which decision to make wears me out. Not knowing whether something is right or wrong, trying to find my way through a maze of information or choices is emotionally exhausting.

For me, being physically exhausted doesn't compare to being emotionally exhausted - used up, dried up in my spirit. Lost. It's like being physically dehydrated when your muscles and your brain cry out for water. It hurts. It blinds. It confuses and incapacitates.

Lord, so many people are like sheep wandering around without a shepherd. Thank you for being The Good Shepherd. Thank you for willingly laying down your life for us sheep. Thank you that one day when you called my name I responded to your voice, and now I'm one of your sheep safe in your care. Thank you for being my Good Shepherd.

Lord, I pray for those around me, and those reading this blog, who are worn slap out from wandering. They're stuck in a desert and they keep wandering around in circles in life. I pray you'll call out their name, and they will recognize your voice. I pray they'll follow that voice and come to you. I pray they'll quit trying to find their own way, and let you lead them. You know who I mean, Lord. Their names are engraved on my heart and indelibly inscribed on yours, too.

How many years have you been praying for those wanderers? I know for some it's been a lifetime. Don't get discouraged. Don't quit now. I'm still calling out to them. I want all of them safe in My flock, too. Keep praying. Keep loving. Keep showing them the way to Me. I'll keep calling out until they hear and come running.