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Monday, January 28, 2008



Yesterday in Sunday School we were talking about your being The God of Restoration. About how you take the broken pieces of our lives and put them back together. But, not like gluing together the shards of an urn. You don't put us back together just the way we were. No, you take those pieces and melt them down, and then you pour them into a new mold and turn them into a whole new person. A better person that is more usable and more beautiful.

When life falls apart all around me you gently gather up the splinters and make something beautiful out of them. When I'm all used up, when I feel totally empty, you remold me into a container for joy.

I know it's true. I've been there several times, Lord. Thank you for not just patching me up or gluing me back together. You make me new in Jesus.


Did you hear what your pastor said yesterday? I don't just slap a coat of paint on your life. I don't sew a patch over the torn seams. I make you new, fresh, strong, and beautiful. But you have to lay the broken pieces at My feet. Let go of them, leave them there, and let Me do My restoring work in My time and My way.

I'm an artist; not a repairman.