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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nasty Weather

The wind is howling outside this morning, Lord. The sky is dark and thick with clouds so that everything looks gloomy outside my windows. These yucky conditions mean that a cold front is moving through. A change is in the air. I enjoy the cold weather once it gets here. But the change - the front - brings some nasty weather as it moves through our area. I'm so glad I'm snuggled safely inside my house.

But, change is a good thing, isn't it, Lord? Change means growth and growth is good. I've read that all living things are changing. All living things are either growing or dying. Either way means changing. But, I don't usually like going through the changing process. I get very comfortable in my little rut, and would just as soon stay there.

But there really isn't any such thing as just staying in the same spot, the same condition. Growing or dying. No standing still for living things.

Help me, Lord, not to shy away from change. Help me not to view changes as "inclement weather" in my life. As changes move through my family, my community, my career, my relationships, my health, help me to see past the temporary "front" that is sweeping through. Help me to look beyond the present conditions to the clear, blue sky and the cold, crisp air that will follow.

I want to remember that almost always the changes that I dread are followed by good things. I don't want to fear life's changes. Help me to see them as opportunities to grow, instead of die. Help me to trust you to choose only the changes that are good for me. And help me to weather the unpleasant conditions that come as the change moves through my life. Shelter me from the wind and the rain. Cover me with your Presence, Lord.

Everything in the physical world is temporary. It's in the process of changing, or has just changed, or is getting ready to change. I am the only thing that never changes. I am the only thing that is steadfast and sure. So, center yourself in Me and the changes life brings won't blow you away. You'll be safe and secure - even in the storms.