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Friday, January 11, 2008

My Nightmare

I had a terrible nightmare last night,Lord. That seldom happens to me, but it was so real I awoke in a panic. My eyes popped open. I was breathing heavy and my heart was pounding. 3:35 a.m. It wasn't about a monster or a serial killer or anything like that. I dreamed one of our children turned their back on you. They made a conscious decision to change their whole life style and ignore the laws and principles in your Word. I was trying desperately, but I couldn't stop them.

It was terrifying.

Terrifying because I also awoke with the stark naked realization that their lives as adults are completely, totally out of my control. The decisions they make as adults will be the results of all the stuff J. and I poured into them as children AND the results of all the decisions they have made along the way. One decision lays the foundation for another, and that for another, on and on. Our lives are a series of decisions that set our course not just for that day -- but for years to come. And for our posterity, too.

Lord, give my children wisdom that is a result of your Spirit living within them. Make them hungry and thirsty for you. Deliver them from any and all evil. Make up for anything I lacked as a parent. You and I know I lacked a lot more than I possessed.

Yep. They're no longer under your umbrella of spiritual protection. Now, as adults, those kids I gave you stand (or kneel) before Me for themselves. Just like you do. I've helped you, haven't I? I've protected you and taught you and loved you every step of the way, haven't I? I'm doing the same for them. Promise.