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Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Father


It snowed last night - our first for this winter. Right now it's still early and dark. The inch or so on the ground is undisturbed and beautiful. Thank you, God, for the beauty. And thank you, for the precipitation. We are still desperately dry in our area. We need a wet winter, Lord.

Last night on the way home from church I was ruminating on the topic of our Bible Study. And it occurred to me, Lord, what a fantastic, wonderful truth it is that you are our Father. If I recall correctly that was a revolutionary idea that Jesus brought to us. The ancient Jewish thinking as recorded in the Old Testament doesn't picture you as a father. The Old Testament pictures you as the Creator, the Warrior-King, and a Husband for the Jewish nation. But Jesus came, like He said, to show us the Father.

That image gives me great comfort. Knowing I can climb up in my Heavenly Daddy's lap and find safety, security, comfort, affection, a listening ear, guidance, and fellowship. While I'm here, Lord, can I thank you for my earthly Daddy? He had many flaws, I know. He was very human. But He did give me a living, breathing picture of the safety, security, comfort, affection, and unswerving dependability of you, Lord. I know many people who grew up without that kind of father. Help them to see you, God. To SEE you in Jesus - the perfect living, breathing picture of you.

Father. Pater. Daddy. Papa. Pa. DaDa.

I love you - all of you - with an everlasting love, my child. Because of my love for you, I draw you close and lift you up onto My lap, and lavish you with My lovingkindness. Having your head on My shoulder, holding you in My eternal embrace satisfies My heart's desire.