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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Morning Always Comes

It's morning. It's not quite daylight yet, but I can see the day creeping up on me. Thank you, Lord, that morning always comes.

After the long midnight, morning comes. After the tossing and turning, morning comes. The darkness slowly gives way to the light. The fog gradually melts away as the rays of morning sun slice through it.

Sometimes I'm trapped in the darkness of indecision, Lord. I thrash about, tossing and turning, fretting. Help me to be still and quiet in the dark and watch for your light to dawn. Help me to not be anxious, but to rest while I wait for you to show me what to do.

You don't want to jump to some decision only to stub your toe or stumble in the dark, My child. Wait on me. Listen with your heart for my guidance. I will send you My light as surely as I send the sun to rise each morning. Wait. Watch. Listen.