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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keep Looking


Lord, I have so much to thank you for this morning. Oh, no great miracles happened in my life yesterday, that I recall. But no great tragedies happened either. Though it was cold outside we were comfortable in the house you blessed us with. Though it rained again (a big thank you for that) we stayed dry.

Every time I opened my pantry or refrigerator there was food in it. No one in my family and circle of friends went hungry yesterday. You kept us safe as we drove here and there and as we slept in our beds last night. None of us were diagnosed with a dreaded disease. We have a little money in the bank to pay our bills. Thank you for that.

Our church building is still standing. Our pastor still gives an open invitation. People are still responding and asking Jesus to be LORD in their lives. Thank you.

I can still see to read my Bible and hear to enjoy music and the voices of those I love.

All in all I have blessing stacked upon blessing, don't I? Thank you.


Remember - I have plans for your life - to bless you and not to harm you. Some days the blessings are obvious. Some days you have to strain to see them, don't you? But they are there. Even on your darkest days My blessings are there - somewhere. Keep looking for them.