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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Lord, today I'm praying particularly for my friends who are serving on mission fields around the world. I ask you, Lord, to be near them today as they live out their faith in locations and cultures that are new and very different for them. I pray you'll give them safety as they travel, as they live and work. Some are living in dangerous places. Remind them that the safest place in the world is the center of Your will.

I pray for their good health and the health of their children. Some live in remote places where no medical help is available. Great Physician, protect their health.

I pray for guidance for them as they make decisions for their families, their ministries, and the eternal destiny of the people they are trying to reach.

I pray for protection from diseases I've never heard of, from terrorists, bandits, and from the forces of Satan in the places they serve.

I ask you to supply their physical needs, God. Most can't run down to the grocery store. I ask you to give them food, clothes, shelter, appliances and vehicles that work, medicine, clean water, and equipment they need to spread the Gospel in their locations.

I pray for translators to help them as they communicate, and sometimes as they translate, Your Word into other languages. I ask you to give them "Men of Peace" to open doors in the governments and social structures where they serve.

I pray You'll provide for their finances so they don't have to worry about money to live, but instead, they can focus on the work You've called them to do.

I ask You to give them power and anointing from Your Holy Spirit as they serve.

Lord, help them conquer new languages and learn new cultures.

Protect their emotions so that they will not lose hope nor heart as they serve on foreign soil. Give them encouragers. Bless their marriages and their children.

Give them souls - people accepting Christ - where they serve.


Those who give up home and family, comfort and careers, to carry the Gospel are indeed beautiful to Me.

My Son was a missionary, too, you know.