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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Cereal Aisle


Lord, thank you that you satisfy my every longing. Thank you, that you are always enough.

Help me to identify my deepest longings. Help me to zero in on what I REALLY want out of life. You already know my desires, but I get distracted and lose my focus. Help me to see clearly the real longings of my life.

Most of the time I'm like a kid on the cereal aisle in the grocery store. I have just way too many options in life. And many of those things are just sugar and hot air. I start grabbing one box after the other. I get confused. Then I get frustrated, and eventually have a little temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store.

How silly. How embarrassing.

Help me to boil my life down to a few real desires, Lord. What do I REALLY want out of life? Help me to look to you to meet those desires. Then, all the little desires will fall into line or just disappear from my view.

Is peace one of them? Peace inside myself, with myself? Peace in my family? Peace at work? Peace in the world? Peace with you?

Is success one of my desires? Help me to define success the way you do, Lord.

Is happiness the one thing I've spent my whole life looking for? How futile. The harder I search for happiness the more it evades me. Help me to see clearly that happiness is not a goal - it's a by-product of service. Service to you and to other people.

Is a strong, healthy body one of my biggest desires? Or, maybe, beauty?

Is it freedom I really want? Freedom from what? Or whom?

Have I been searching for someone to love me just the way I am?

Is it control that I desire more than anything else? Control over others? Control over my future? Control over the day-to-day events of my life? Keep reminding me that the only way my life can get under control is for me to let you control it.

Take my eyes off all those cereal boxes, Lord. I can't do it by myself. Help me to zero in on a few things that I want most in this life. Things that will actually fill me up and satisfy my hunger.


Delight in Me. In Me. Ground your desires in Me. Everything else - all the cereal boxes - are just puffs of air and sugar. They are all going to disappear eventually. And they can't satisfy your hunger. Center your desires in Me. Then, I will give you those deepest desires of your heart. I will fill you up and satisfy those longings. Try it - you'll like it.