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Monday, January 21, 2008

Impossible Situations


A friend emailed me last night that you've answered a prayer of her heart. We've been praying about this situation for weeks and you've done the impossible in her life. She's exhausted, but ecstatic. You've miraculously intervened in her family. I'm happy for her and grateful to you.

Another friend and I exchanged several emails yesterday. She sees your hand in her life even though she is broken-hearted about a situation that will never change. She's rejoicing because she knows you are with her in the impossible. That - your presence sustaining her daily - is a miracle in her life.

A third friend emailed me last night. Her career and health seem to be in a downward spiral. She's being sucked deeper and deeper into this vortex. She's trusting you and praying earnestly for you to reverse these impossible problems so she can climb up out of that hole. But she's still alive and she isn't angry or bitter. She isn't being swallowed up in self-pity. THAT is her miracle at this moment, Lord, while she's waiting on a miraculous turn of events.

Jesus, help my sisters today. Not just these three but the dozens of other women in my heart at this moment. You know their situations. You know their desire for your glory in their lives. You know the best way to make that happen. Sustain them. Comfort them. Empower them. Hold them close and soothe them with your Spirit, God.


I have. I am. I will.