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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

God's Feathers


I have a couple of bird feeders in our back yard, Lord - just outside my kitchen window. Lately they've been swarmed by finches, chickadees, and sparrows. They are so tiny and busy. They fly up to the feeder attached to my window and chirp and sing to their own reflections in the glass. As long as I keep the feeders full they keep coming back and letting me enjoy them.

In the spring the bluebirds will come back to the house I put up for them about five years ago, just like they always do. Both the male and the female work hard to build a nest in that box. Twig by twig, string by string they build it. Then they line it with down from their own breasts. What a wonderful picture of the way you take care of us.

Psalm 91 says so, God. Thank you for those beautiful words. They, too, remind me that you will take care of those of us who love you and make you to be our dwelling place. Those of us who abide in you - stay with you - move in and unpack our bags in you. You will cover us with your feathers like those bluebirds cover their little ones. You shelter us like the mother birds shelter their young from the rain and chill with their own bodies.

Psalm 91 has sustained us as a family for many years, God. You have proven over and over again that every word of it is true in our lives. Thank you.


I love you. And My perfect love casts out your fears. Snuggle up under My feathers of love and rest secure in Me, Little One.