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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Breakfast of Champions


Good morning, Lord. I was thinking last night about a blurb I heard on TV. A nutritionist was talking about breakfast. She said if we start our day with sugar - in our coffee, on our cereal, in our muffins or donuts or whatever - that our bodies will crave more sugar all day long. Breakfast should be loaded with complex carbs and fiber like whole grains to give us fuel that will last a long time and ward off those sugar-cravings.

I was thinking that, if that's true of my physical body, it must also be true of my spiritual body. Whatever I feed my soul first thing in the morning is going to set the pace the rest of the day. If I start my day with something substantial that will give my soul something to feed on for a long time, I will have fuel to get me through the day. If I start my day with your Word, God, and with listening for your voice - then I will have food for my soul
all day long.

I know not everyone is a "morning person" Lord. But to start the day with you - even if it's just five minutes alone with you - determines what I'll crave all day long.


When your spirit grumbles with hunger you need to feed it something substantial - My Word - the breakfast of spiritual champions.