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Friday, January 4, 2008

Annual Check-Up

It's January. Time to go to my OB/GYN for my annual check-up. Then it's off to a radiologist for my annual mammogram. Neither visit is pleasant. Both are rather embarrassing, Lord. But I wouldn't dream of skipping these exams. They keep me and my doctor informed. They reveal any problems that might be lurking inside my body. When it comes to disease ignorance is NOT bliss - it's dangerous.

I was reading Psalm 139 again today. Seems I've been reading it a lot lately. Anyway, the first couple of verses and the last couple of verses talk about this very thing - in my spiritual life, that is. It starts out "You have searched me thoroughly, O God, and known my thoughts." Then it ends with a request for you to continue with these regular exams.

Search me. Know me. Measure and weigh my thoughts. Determine if there is any wicked or hurtful way in me. Scan my soul, Lord. Check my spiritual temperature. Analyze my spiritual condition. Check for signs of sin lurking deep inside me. Maybe it's just an attitude. Maybe the sin is so small right now that it's hidden from others. Maybe it's just been conceived in me and I'm not even aware of its presence yet. But, Lord, I don't want a diseased heart or mind to eat away at my spiritual life. I don't want it to erupt in ugliness that others can see. I sure don't want it to fester in me or to spread throughout my life and my relationships. I don't want evil thoughts or desires to destroy my testimony or, worse yet, to spread to other people.

If evil is hiding within me, Lord, show it to me. Then pull out your spiritual scalpel and remove it. Cleanse me. Heal me.

I don't skip my annual check-ups because I don't want to close my eyes and pretend I'm perfectly healthy. If there's a problem in my body, I want to know it and take the necessary (and often unpleasant) steps to heal it or control it.

Lord, give me the courage to take the same attitude toward my spiritual health. I need regular spiritual check-ups, too. Don't let me close my eyes to my own sins and pretend that my soul is perfectly healthy if it isn't.

Yes, laying your soul bare before Me is embarrassing, unpleasant, even painful. Be still and quiet while I give you the results. Then take your medicine. Confess and ask forgiveness. It will lead to a life of spiritual health and wholeness on this earth and in eternity.