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Monday, December 31, 2007

Help me! Help me!

Our house is back to it's quiet, peaceful, orderly, normal self, Lord. But J. and I already miss the noisy, giggly, messy place it was for three days. All five of our grandchildren were here. They were so busy enjoying being cousins. And Uncle D. was right in the middle of the mess, too. It was wonderful being surrounded by them all.

I was reading Psalm 143 this morning and it caused me to remember one of their games. M. is almost 3 years old. Uncle D. would chase him around the house calling out, "I'm going to get'cha" until he grabbed M. up and tickled his belly. In between the giggles M. would reach out to me and yell, "MeMe, help me! Help me!"

I do the same thing. When some boogy-man in life chases me down and threatens to get me I stretch my hands and my heart out to you, Lord.

Little M. will outgrow the game someday. Please don't let me outgrow my need for you. Whatever you need to bring into my life to keep me reaching out to you, Lord, so be it.

As soon as Uncle D. would release M. he would run to me breathless, and hide behind my legs. He had no doubts that 5 feet tall MeMe could protect him from 6 feet tall Uncle. I want to do the same thing. When life gets scary I want to flee unto you. I know I can hide safely behind you, Lord. I can trust you to help me.

My arms are wide open, Little One. I'm ready and eager to scoop you up. To protect you. To help you.